Educational Leadership

Guide schools to great success in your new leading role.

Do people look to you for direction and advice? Are you a teacher who has longed to have more of an impact at your school? Have you been told you’re a natural born leader?  If so, you’re an ideal candidate for our graduate educational leadership program that prepares you to take a leadership role in pre-K–12 schools. You’ll learn how to develop curriculum, refine student support services, work with the board at the school district level, and interact with government representatives. Through a combination of insightful classroom instruction and a strongly emphasized fieldwork component, you’ll graduate from our program ready to work in a traditional schools or alternative settings.

Our students bond with one another, learn from one another, disagree with one another, and ultimately become a network of professionals that I know will exist beyond the world of Brooklyn College.

Lynda Sarnoff
Instructor and Program Head

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Quick Facts

  • Our program is tailored to meet the New York State standards for school building and school district leaders.
  • You will have 150 hours per semester of guided fieldwork.
  • Our Federal Education Leadership Fellows program is intended to producer leaders for New York City’s most troubled schools.

Possible Careers

  • Principal of a public high school
  • Testing coordinator at an elementary school
  • Assistant principal at a middle school