Eighty-eight keys await your talented touch.

Music Composition and Performance

Fine-tune your musical talents.

If you dream of seeing your works performed by world-class orchestras, or if you want to be an instrumental part of those orchestras, then you’re ready to enroll in our master’s degree program. Our program gives you access to top-notch graduate-level music courses in one of New York’s leading music institutions. If you choose our performance track, you will conclude your education with a degree recital. If you select our composition track, you’ll cap your studies with a thesis. Either way, your master of music from Brooklyn College will position you for a successful career.

Students enter our programs with the highest level of preparation and specific ideas about why they are here. They immerse themselves in the department culture through their research and performance projects, including interdisciplinary collaborations.

Stephanie Jensen-Moulton
Assistant Professor

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Quick Facts

  • Musical notation existed as early as the Mesopotamian civilization (1800 B.C.).
  • The first musical instrument — in the modern sense — was a flute.
  • The Conservatory of Music stages two concerts per year that exclusively feature the work of our students.

Possible Careers

  • Studio musician for a major record label 
  • Composer for chamber music groups
  • Principal instrumentalist for a major city orchestra