Food can prolong your life, or it can ruin it. Learn what you need to know to inform people how to make the smarter choice.

Understanding the role of nutrition in the promotion of health and helping others to make the connection between diet and disease can be a rewarding experience. Our master of science degree will provide you with the latest information on nutrition, including the way it impacts different populations and how to analyze nutritional data and conduct research. If you are interested in becoming a registered dietitian and you have completed a didactic program in dietetics accredited by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics, enrolling in this graduate program is a prerequisite to apply to Brooklyn College's Dietitian Internship program, which will provide you with the supervised practice experience required to sit for the Registered Dietitian Exam.

The nutrition program has given me an understanding of the relationship between disease and nutrition. If more people knew about this relationship, far fewer would be diagnosed with diseases. Better yet, far more would have a higher quality of life.

Eduardo Gonzalez ’12

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Quick Facts

  • First Lady Michelle Obama has made promoting health and nutrition among our nation’s youth a top priority.
  • Experts cite poor nutrition as the main cause of diabetes, one of the nation’s most prevalent diseases.
  • The Centers for Disease Control has called obesity in the United States an epidemic.

Possible Careers

  • Nutritionist creating the menus at a public school
  • Researcher at a snacks corporation
  • Registered dietitian in a hospital ensuring proper nutrition for patients