Parallel and Distributed Computing

An advanced certificate in the new and lucrative field of parallel and distributed computing will give you a clear edge in the marketplace.

Running a Google search for “parallel and distributed computing” provides more than 4.5 million results — in one-fifth of a second. How is that possible? Google itself uses parallel and distributed computing — a system by which groups of networked computers (in Google’s case, 450,000 of them) are programmed to achieve the same goal for their work. Our advanced certificate in this field will provide the knowledge of how these systems work by addressing the science and art of problem solving, which can lead to research in peer-to-peer systems, cyber trust and security, and myriad areas of specialization. This emerging field holds great promise for anyone with an advanced certificate, which you can earn by completing only six courses at Brooklyn College.

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Quick Facts

  • Parallel and distributed computing is utilized by a vast array of industries and organizations, from telephone networks to aircraft control systems.
  • The first conference in the field was held in 1982.
  • The United States has always been the leader in this area of high-performance computing.

Possible Careers

  • Engineer developing new software for an innovative Internet company
  • Technician keeping the computers at the New York Stock Exchange up and running
  • Meteorological scientist at the National Weather Service