Performance and Interactive Media Arts

Combine art and technology into something unique.

You have a love of theatrics, yet the work you want to conceive extends beyond the stage. You want to collaborate across the arts, even, perhaps, exploring the possibilities of technology. Our M.F.A. in performance and interactive media arts (PIMA), which is considered one of the country’s pioneer programs, will give you the skills you’ll need to achieve your goal and work in partnership with colleagues in other fields. You’ll also become well versed in the practical side of PIMA: securing grants and outside funding, and finding and negotiating appropriate performance spaces or venues. Before you graduate, you’ll see your work realized and be well on your way to finding success in a burgeoning art form.

At Brooklyn College, I discovered an exploration-based education that is at once deeply challenging and infinitely inspiring. It allowed me to hone and diversify my craft in unexpected ways.

Sophia Remolde ’12

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Quick Facts

Possible Careers

  • Performing artist in a collaborative, multidisciplinary production
  • Production manager for interactive festivals
  • Museum installation specialist for multimedia artwork