Apply statistics and sharp analysis to society.

Our master of arts program is designed to help you advance your skills in the theories and methods used by sociologists. We will provide in-depth study in a variety of elective areas, such as criminology, gender, class stratification and urban sociology. As a student in our program, you will have access to a variety of support services, including our sociology lounge and seminar room. All of our classes — from Dynamics of Modernization to Sociology of Power — emphasize critical thinking and writing skills. Most courses have a seminar format with extensive interaction between you and our faculty members, a critical element of your education as you prepare to enter a doctoral program in sociology, which CUNY provides, or to advance your already rewarding career.

One of the pleasures of teaching at the M.A. level is to work with students as they start to become professional sociologists, and map out career plans that open up new possibilities.

Naomi Braine
Associate Professor

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Quick Facts

  • All classes are offered in the evening to accommodate your work schedule.
  • The department has its own computer lab, which serves as both a classroom for methods courses and research seminars, and a resource for you to work on your assignments.
  • The program specializes in analyses of race and ethnicity, immigration, urban sustainability, social welfare policy, and work and labor.

Possible Careers

  • Patient advocate at a medical facility
  • Product development researcher for a consulting firm
  • Artifacts and records preservationist at a museum