From ancient empires to the U.S. presidency, our program covers it all.

Africana Studies

Discover what came out of Africa.

Intrigued by the diversity of people and awe-inspiring natural offerings of Africa? Curious about the manifold cultural intersections that took place in colonial times? Then you’ll thrive in our program in Africana studies. You will examine the history, literature, culture, arts, societies and economies of Africa and the African diaspora. You’ll master research techniques that will facilitate the study of black communities, from ancient sub-Saharan empires to the antebellum South to post-apartheid South Africa. And our popular summer seminar in Ghana program will incorporate everything you’ve learned in a unique, hands-on learning experience.

I was constantly challenged to critically analyze, speak and write on the lives of African peoples. This department provided me the environment and mentorship that challenged me to see myself in a larger narrative of the African diaspora.

Dane Peters ’10

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Quick Facts

  • The African Studies Department was founded in 1970.
  • Many famous African Americans — actress Angela Bassett, novelist Gloria Naylor, professional basketball players Allan Houston  and Vince Carter, and Yolanda King, daughter of Martin Luther King Jr. — majored in Africana studies.
  • The program at Brooklyn College is one of the oldest free-standing Africana studies departments in the City University of New York.

Possible Careers

  • Media relations manager in a corporate setting
  • Lawyer specializing in civil rights
  • Travel and tourism coordinator for government offices