American Studies

What makes America and its people unique in the world is one of the things you’ll learn in your studies.

Explore the American experience through historical, literary and artistic lenses. This interdisciplinary program draws on the talents of faculty from various departments who are well-versed in the theories and methods of literary criticism, historiography, anthropology, folklore, musicology, art history, and ethnic and gender studies. With their guidance, you’ll investigate the history and culture of the United States, probing such crucial historical periods and phenomena as the rush to the American West, the development of different religious experiences and the 1960s, as well as focus on the study of such expressive genres as immigrant literature, folklore, popular culture and musical performance.

The courses and the faculty members helped me heap a hoard of theories, expand my imagination, and elongate the spectrum of my awareness. I have a web of knowledge explicating the history of my country and the narratives that have shaped American culture.

Oliver Lamb ’12

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Quick Facts

  • Multiple cultural investigations — including women’s studies, African American studies, queer theory, Chicano studies, Asian American studies and a host of others — are incorporated into American studies.
  • American studies programs exist around the world, from Denmark to Bahrain to New Zealand.
  • American studies was founded as a field of inquiry during the Great Depression.

Possible Careers

  • Teacher of American history at public or private academic institutions
  • Historian of American culture at museums or other cultural establishments
  • Civil rights attorney with a solid understanding of American cultural conflicts and values