Business Information Systems

Earn two degrees at once on your way to a successful career in business information systems.

Any company or organization you ultimately work for — or even one that you found and run yourself — depends  upon information technology departments in almost every aspect of its business operations. Earning a degree in business information systems will give you a comprehensive understanding of this critical area. At Brooklyn College, we take your undergraduate education a step further through our unique program that awards a bachelor of science degree and a master of professional studies degree simultaneously. By taking both undergraduate and graduate courses, you’ll have a noticeable and impressive advantage when you’re ready to enter an exciting job market.

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Quick Facts

  • Our program ensures you a well-rounded education by including courses not only in business, and computer and information science, but also accounting, philosophy and psychology.
  • Graduates with professional degrees, such as business and finance, may earn 30 percent to 60 percent more than other graduates.
  • Computerized record-keeping has increased business’ efficiency exponentially.

Possible Careers

  • Web developer for a grassroots nonprofit organization
  • Business systems analyst for a billion-dollar global corporation
  • Consultant to leading e-commerce businesses