Caribbean Studies

From Anguilla to zouk, discover the riches of the Caribbean.

The sound of calypso music sends thrills through your heart. You’re interested in authors such as V.S. Naipaul and Jamaica Kincaid. You’re intrigued by the role the Caribbean has played in shaping U.S. history and politics. Brooklyn College, ensconced in a metropolitan area that is home to more than two million people from the Caribbean, is the right place to learn about this entrancing region. In the dual major of Caribbean studies, you’ll learn about the role of slavery, colonialism and the rich cultural collision that led to the islands we know today. You’ll hear lectures from world dignitaries, participate in conferences on Caribbean topics, and have opportunities for research, travel abroad and internships at some of the many organizations at your doorstep that cater to the Caribbean community.

This program at Brooklyn College is a sleeping giant that informs participants that the Caribbean is a region where people do much more than just dance in a restful atmosphere.

Bert Thomas
Program Coordinator

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Quick Facts

  • Multiple European nations (Britain, the Netherlands, France, Spain) colonized the islands of the Caribbean, leading to distinct cultures among these geographic neighbors. 
  • Haiti played a central role in helping the United States to double its size with the Louisiana Purchase after it destroyed Napoleon’s army.
  • Caribbean Americans Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X and Colin Powell have played decisive roles in the transformation of American society.

Possible Careers

  • Coordinator of an NGO that constructs housing in poverty-stricken areas of the Caribbean
  • Social worker in urban areas with large Caribbean populations, from New York to Miami
  • Environmentalist with specialized knowledge of Caribbean flora and fauna