Faculty and students work side-by-side on research projects.


You share a great chemistry with chemistry.

Now turn it into a dynamic career. If you’re looking to rise to the very forefront of the scientific or medical research communities in government, industry or academia, the Brooklyn College chemistry program is the path that you should follow. On your way toward earning either a B.A. or a B.S., you’ll take courses in analytic, organic and physical chemistry and such elective courses as quantum chemistry, environmental chemistry and biochemistry. Once you graduate with your degree, you’ll be joining an elite list of alumni who have gone on to successful careers as chemists in an enormous range of settings, from government laboratories dedicated to testing food, air and water quality to pharmaceutical companies searching for the next breakthrough drug.

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Quick Facts

  • Nobel Prize Laureate Stanley Cohen earned his chemistry degree at Brooklyn College.
  • Many future doctors begin their training with a chemistry degree.
  • One gram of the element californium can cost up to $27 million.

Possible Careers

  • Chemist in a commercial lab, looking for new patent laws
  • Environmental lawyer lobbying Congress on behalf of a “green” agency
  • Government food chemist testing for toxic substances in food