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You’ll get to the root of Western civilization and the origin of classic arts.

The theoretical and practical analysis of ancient Greece and Rome will provide you with a fundamental background for understanding the modern world. Our B.A. program will introduce you to the cultures of these two remarkable civilizations — their language and literature; history; mythic, religious, political and philosophical traditions; ways of constructing gender and sexuality; and architecture and art. You’ll be able to concentrate in one of four areas of particular interest to you: ancient history, classical languages, classical literature or material cultures.

I have learned different ways of approaching a text and the many ways one can interpret it based on connections to other works and the etymology of the words themselves. These skills have made me more articulate.

Caitlin Chicoli ’12

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Quick Facts

  • With classics, you’ll study Latin, which will greatly expand and enhance your vocabulary.
  • The art of satire, as seen in contemporary media in the form of shows like Family Guy and South Park, has its roots in the classics.
  • The CUNY Latin/Greek Institute offers intensive classes in ancient languages every summer.

Possible Careers

  • Professor of law at public or private academic institutions
  • Librarian at renowned historical societies
  • Archivist monitoring and maintaining fragile, ancient texts