Creative Writing

Whether you aspire to be novelist, playwright or poet, this program will help you hone your skill and prepare to share your work with the world.

On your way to a B.F.A. in creative writing, you’ll participate in workshops designed to take your art to the next level. You’ll receive answers to such fundamental questions as “What is good writing?” Led by seasoned fiction writers, playwrights and poets, you’ll study literature, plays and poems, from antiquity to modernity, to determine how and why the writing methods employed by the authors were successful or, in some cases, unsuccessful. You’ll learn about form, structure and the other basic elements of writing to help you perfect your craft.

The professors made it their mission to show me that both my work and my presence are valued here, that I don’t need to make money to make a difference. That was a great artistic and emotional breakthrough for me, and I am in their debt for that.

Ocean Vuong ’12

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Quick Facts

  • Brooklyn College has a student club for creative writers.
  • Many of our budding writers, playwrights and poets publish their work in the student-run magazine, The Junction.
  • Acclaimed poet Allen Ginsberg taught creative writing for many years at Brooklyn College.

Possible Careers

  • Playwright for Broadway and off-Broadway productions
  • Author of novels, creative nonfiction or poetry
  • English or creative writing teacher for high school or undergraduate students