Early Childhood Education Teacher (Birth–Grade 2)

Nurture the minds of our youngest learners.

You know there is nothing like new beginnings and the rewards of helping children to grow and develop. The youngest students, ranging from birth to second grade, are just beginning to adapt to school, to learning, to life itself! Our early childhood education program takes into account the influence of the family on the child and focuses on how to teach in urban settings. It also places a special emphasis on issues of social justice. Learn how to give children the best start they can get on the road to a truly successful education.

The professors transport you into an early childhood classroom and give you an understanding of what it takes to be a successful early childhood educator. Their passion and dedication inspire me to reach further and become the best teacher I can be.

Dawn Toth ’12

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Quick Facts

  • Pre-K has become increasingly commonplace: Enrollment skyrocketed 679 percent between 1985 and 2008.
  • Our program’s content has been created to prepare teachers for New York City Learning Standards.
  • The higher the level of education a mother has attained, the more likely children are read to, sung to, and told stories to by family members.      

Possible Careers

  • First-grade teacher at a Montessori school
  • Coordinator at a daycare center
  • Kindergarten administrator at a private school