The perfect program for bibliophiles.


English isn’t just a language; it’s a world of artistic endeavor.

Earning a B.A. in English means much more than reading and writing about classic works of literature. Not only will you learn to appreciate the written word in its many contexts and uses, you’ll also be exposed to various theoretical and critical approaches to the analysis of literary texts. You’ll be instilled with an understanding of the beauty and importance of language and literature, from the past to the present and from a multitude of traditions and languages (in translation). Perhaps most important, you’ll be able to correctly and cogently express your ideas in oral and written work — a key requirement for just about any career today.

I read and write. That’s what I do — with guidance from published professors.

Michael Wieck ’11

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Quick Facts

  • Renowned novelist Gloria Naylor ’81 graduated from our program.
  • English majors practice their skills by contributing to departmental publications and on-campus student newspapers.
  • Internships are available at some of New York’s most important newspapers, magazines, publishing houses and online publications.

Possible Careers

  • English teacher at public or private academic institutions
  • Writer or editor for prestigious print or online publications
  • Publisher or creator of magazines, journals, news websites or entertainment blogs