Earth and Environmental Sciences

Discover the physical world around us — and then forge a career based on how to save it.

Taking the broadest possible view of the earth, our program combines the basics of chemistry, biology and physics to provide you with a picture of our planet that is both vast and local. You will learn principles of natural law and natural forces, from plate tectonics to the formation of rocks and minerals, and study the geological problems and opportunities in urban areas. Your comprehensive education will act as a gateway to a wide range of career options that will enable you to save and protect our environment in private industry, government agencies, nonprofit organizations and academia.

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Quick Facts

  • Students can take full advantage of our petrophysics lab, geospatial analysis lab, earth materials imaging lab and Environmental Sciences Analytical Center.
  • The 1962 publication of Silent Spring and the fire on Ohio’s Cuyahoga River in 1969 were two events that spurred the creation of environmental science as a field of study.
  • Students may apply for honors through independent research under the mentorship of a departmental faculty member. 

Possible Careers

  • Geologist drilling for new sources of natural gas
  • Meteorologist developing better tracking systems for hurricanes and tornadoes
  • Environmental scientist studying the effects of dams on local ecosystems