Turn your love for the movies into a mastery of cinematic production processes.

You spend lots of your free time at the movies, enjoying, analyzing and critiquing the images on the big screen. Whether you’re interested in screenwriting, film or documentary production, or film or industry studies, we’ll provide the resources you need to join the cinematic community that fascinates you. Our film program will help you develop an understanding of the fundamental processes and aesthetic principles of motion picture production. By the time you earn your degree or certificate, you will be well educated in the multiplicity of ways in which technology may be used in the creative process, and you’ll have a full appreciation of cinema as the product of aesthetic, cultural, historical, national and social influences.

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Quick Facts

  • In a single year, there were 27,251 film shoots in New York.
  • Among our faculty is Professor Daniel Gurskis, a screenwriter, playwright, producer and director with more than 40 credits in feature films, telefilms, episodic television and the theater.
  • The first projected motion picture seen in the United States was shown on April 23, 1906. Thomas Edison himself helped run the projector.

Possible Careers

  • Art director who creates the unique mood of an award-winning film
  • Casting director who discovers the next Hollywood superstar
  • Screenwriter who crafts emotional scripts that people remember for a lifetime