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Business, Management and Finance

Crossing boundaries and combining fields of interest leads to success in business and life.

If your career interest spans the boundaries of business and crosses into other related fields, you might very well consider the pursuit of a Brooklyn College degree in business, management and finance. Our program is unique. Our multidisciplinary approach makes sure you receive a solid education in accounting, business and economics, but also introduces you to business-themed courses in computer and information science, mathematics, philosophy and psychology. Combined, this course of study provides you with the varied skills and analytical dexterity that businesses in today’s volatile climate desperately need.

The business, management and finance program will set me up to be a global capital markets analyst. Then it’s grad school for an M.B.A./J.D.

Christopher Browne ’10

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Quick Facts

  • Multidisciplinary degrees are tailored to preparing students for business management in fields that require specialized knowledge.
  • A multidisciplinary program combines theory with applied learning to train executives and entrepreneurs to guide specialized companies.
  • Our graduates often find employment in the international marketplace.

Possible Careers

  • Executive at a global investment firm
  • Production chief at a multinational organization
  • Managing director of an international retail chain