Health and Nutrition Sciences

Health and nutrition is about much more than eating your vegetables.

You are intrigued by biological processes, the food we eat and how it affects us. A major in health and nutrition sciences takes you beyond the common knowledge of the benefits of eating spinach and apples and cutting down on high-fat and sugary snacks. Our program — part science, part liberal arts — emphasizes research and advancement of scientific knowledge relevant to health and nutrition, and we provide health promotion resources and programs for the professional community, Brooklyn College and the community-at-large. With the understanding that in the digital age, information about health and nutrition is being developed and disseminated faster than ever before, our programs offer a framework in which to appraise and assess facts and theories and apply them for the benefit of all people.

I want to improve health outcomes in minority communities. Brooklyn College is preparing me for a career that will help me do just that.

Shonette Campbell ’11

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Quick Facts

  • Brooklyn College’s unique Food Labs is an ideal environment for hands-on learning in the program.
  • Healthcare is one of the nation’s fastest-growing job sectors.
  • The U.S. rate for obesity — resulting from a combination of poor nutrition and lack of exercise — is now more than 20 percent.

Possible Careers

  • Physical therapist for a professional sports team
  • Registered dietician in an elementary school
  • Physician assistant in a major specialty hospital