Information Systems

A degree in information systems leads to a world of opportunities in the tech field.

Our program in information systems prepares you to work and achieve success in this fast-evolving field. Our professors are intimately familiar with the latest in technology and are eager to share their knowledge about the kinds of data can be stored within computers’ systems and how those data can best be used to make companies profitable — which will make you an indispensable member of an IT team.

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Quick Facts

  • Our program stresses knowledge relevant to technological innovation, business needs and the science of computing.
  • Two of our faculty members are distinguished professors — the highest rank the City University of New York bestows.
  • Our faculty members have been awarded prestigious research grants from the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense and the National Science Foundation.

Possible Careers

  • Computer engineer who designs digital hardware and software systems
  • Software engineer who develops specialized utility programs for specific client needs
  •  Director of e-commerce for an international retail giant