Gain a comprehensive understanding of la dolce vita.

If the sweet life of the birthplace of Michelangelo, Puccini, Fendi and Ferrari fascinates you, then we encourage you to master the language of Italy, home of breathtaking art like the Sistine Chapel, mouthwatering cuisine like pasta and gelato, and gorgeous landscapes, from the hills of Tuscany to the glittering Amalfi coast. As an undergraduate Italian major, you’ll study contemporary and historical Italy. You’ll also take several levels of Italian language courses and have the option of enrolling in a class entirely on Italian business vocabulary. In addition, courses outside of the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures — such as those on Italian artwork in the Department of Art or an Italian-American literature class in the English Department — count toward fulfilling the major.

One of my classes took the exam for the American Translators Association, and we got to experience the intense level of scrutiny that professional translators have with their work. I learned so much from that class.

Brendan Kelly ’12

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Quick Facts

  • There are some 65 million native Italian speakers in the world, from Rome to Buenos Aires.
  • Italian is one of the official languages of Switzerland.
  • Italians are the largest European ethnic group in New York City.

Possible Careers

  • International business executive at an company based in Milan or Genoa
  • Translator of Italian novels and nonfiction works
  • Italian teacher at a high school