Judaic Studies

Unlock the secrets of the Torah.

The Jewish diaspora is everywhere, and a major in Judaic studies at Brooklyn College covers the gamut. For centuries, Jews have re-created communities wherever they have found themselves, contributing to the intellectual and economic life of their host countries. Our course offerings and programs reflect the chronological scope and geographic diversity of the Jewish experience, with particular strength in the fields of intellectual, religious and social history, founded on analytic study of primary sources.

The opportunity to study the incredible breadth of offerings, all under one roof, and the profound learning that has resulted from my experience in this special department will always stay with me.

William Sudry ’10

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Quick Facts

  • Students must take two courses from the ancient and medieval periods and two courses from the modern period.
  • Learning Hebrew is an essential part of studying Judaic studies.
  • Brooklyn College partners with the Israel University Consortium, which brings together five major Israeli universities in a partnership to support the thousands of students studying abroad at Israeli universities each year.

Possible Careers

  • Organizer at a local branch of Hillel, the largest Jewish campus organization in the world
  • Business executive with an Israeli-based corporation
  • Translator of Yiddish and Hebrew