Comparative Literature

Be exposed to a multitude of voices and perspectives, and broaden your own in the process.

In comparative literature, you’ll discover literary works that transcend both geographic and cultural boundaries and explore the connections, and disconnections, in the texts. You’ll learn how art history, class, gender, philosophy, psychology, race, science and sexuality will be crucial to your interrogation of the texts. Through the study of novels, dramas and other genres, you’ll strengthen your analytical, critical, literary theory and translation skills in the process.

I’ve read and analyzed a wide range of literature across cultures, from Racine to Cervantes, T.S. Eliot to Chinua Achebe. My professors have been very supportive of me, taking the time to write recommendation letters and encouraging me.

Leigh Stein ’12

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Quick Facts

  • Renowned novelist Gloria Naylor graduated with an undergraduate degree in English from Brooklyn College.
  • Our graduates find careers in communications and media; journalism and law; primary, secondary and post-secondary education; government; and the commercial and nonprofit worlds.
  • A student or instructor of comparative literature is often referred to as a “comparatist.” 

Possible Careers

  • English teacher at a public or private institution
  • Author of best-selling novels or nonfiction works
  • Interpreter at the United Nations