Financial Mathematics

Put your talent with numbers to work on the mathematics of finance.

If you are looking forward to working — and succeeding — in the world of finance, the financial mathematics program has your number. By establishing a curriculum that includes courses in mathematics, business, economics, and computer and information science, the program will train you to be a well-rounded graduate with highly marketable skills, well suited to finance. Our faculty members, who publish extensively in the many areas of interest to the practitioners of the financial world, not only work closely with you during your course work, but also afford you many valuable research opportunities that will open doors throughout your career.

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Quick Facts

  • Two separate branches of finance require advanced quantitative techniques: derivatives pricing, and risk and portfolio management.
  • Financial mathematicians literally mind their Ps and Qs — P is the symbol for actual probability, and Q is the symbol for risk-neutral probability.
  • The creation and packaging of capital products and services into the critical instruments that influence the course of worldwide capital flows could not occur today without the financial mathematics approaches developed over the past 25 years.

Possible Careers

  • Financial adviser at a large investment firm
  • Hedge fund analyst working on Wall Street
  • Risk manager who uses mathematics and statistical skills to appraise, price and track risks inherent in a financial institution’s transactions