Learn what the greater “it” is all about.

You wonder what it’s all about — why there is poverty and pain, what is our true purpose, what is the basis for aesthetic judgments. And now you want some answers. Our philosophy program gives you the tools to try to sort out the answers to all of life’s biggest questions, from the economic downturn to the appreciation of sports. You will improve your reasoning, analytic and judgment skills and enhance your ability to develop and defend positions. And that means we’ll prepare you for more than sitting on a rock and contemplating the purpose of life: Your philosophy courses will ready you for a wide range of careers — from law to information technology — by cultivating your abilities to think critically and creatively about complex problems, and to express yourself with confidence and clarity.

The eager and intellectually well-equipped faculty consistently challenged and inspired me. It is highly unlikely that I could flourish in a rigorous graduate program without the education that I received here.

Austin Duggan ’10

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Quick Facts

  • Our alumni include not only distinguished philosophers but also highly successful attorneys, businesspeople, economists and physicians.
  • In addition to a solid foundation in the traditional areas of philosophy, our faculty members offer courses in such cutting-edge areas as cognitive science, legal philosophy and environmental ethics.
  • Philosophy comes from the Greek word philosophia, meaning "love of wisdom."

Possible Careers

  • Lawyer at a multinational law firm
  • Philosophy professor at a liberal arts college
  • Editor at an academic publisher