Adaptive Physical Education

Tailor an exercise program for individuals with particular needs.

An empathetic person, you thrive in environments where you can help people maximize their potential, especially in the face of daunting obstacles. Physical education plays an important role in creating a well-rounded human being, and in our adaptive physical education program, you’ll learn the skills you need to work with physically, emotionally or mentally challenged groups and make a vast difference in their lives. 

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Quick Facts

  • The history of adaptive physical education began with the passage of the Education for All Handicapped Children Act in 1975.
  • Methods of adapting physical education include slowing the pace of games, using Velcro, marking positions on a playing field and using well-defined boundaries.
  • Examples of disabilities your students might have include speech or language impairments, emotional disturbances and traumatic brain injuries.

Possible Careers

  • Adaptive physical education teacher at a public high school
  • Exercise teacher at a retirement home
  • Personal trainer for people with disabilities