Computers and Programming

Program your future with a much sought-after certificate from Brooklyn College.

Computers continue to have a growing impact on all facets of our lives. As such, attaining a useful knowledge of programming, designing, instructing, debugging and testing the behavior and veracity of computers will position you for a successful career in practically any field imaginable. Our program, housed in one of the largest college-level computer and information science departments in the metropolitan New York area, introduces you to programming, computer and software applications, and database systems. With almost 30 full-time professors, we will guide you through the course work and the use of cutting-edge computer facilities. With your education complete, you’ll be able to find a computer-related career in any organization from NASA to Nike.

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Quick Facts

  • More than 1,000 computers on campus are available for student use.
  • The Computer and Information Science Department is a participant in the select Broadening Participation in Computing Program of the National Science Foundation.
  • The first high-level programming language was invented in 1954. 

Possible Careers

  • Computer programmer for high-level government agencies
  • Developer of new programs for a software publisher
  • Website designer for a news or entertainment outlet