Religion: Program of Studies in Religion

Discover a powerful force that has expressed the human condition and shaped global events for millennia.

Our religion program takes a different path than other colleges. We believe that the best way to explore religion is through a strong interdisciplinary approach that draws on faculty from across many academic departments.  This will give you a though understanding of the world’s religions through such cultures as African American, Puerto Rican and sub-Asian. You will see how history has been affected by changes in spiritual beliefs, and you’ll investigate the literary, philosophical and political issues inherent in our faith systems. Such a wide comparative perspective will allow you to discover the nature of conflict and agreements across all beliefs and between religions and secular points of views — issues that continue to dominate today’s headlines. 

Because of this program’s approach of studying beliefs in historical and cultural contexts, I’ve come to have a deeper understanding of faith’s transformative nature.

Donald Gobin ’13

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Quick Facts

  • While the program concentrates on the world’s religions, it makes great use of Brooklyn’s diverse population and beliefs, using the borough as classroom and research lab.
  • You’ll take classes in 12 departments — from Africana studies and art to philosophy and sociology.
  • Our graduates have found successful careers in law, business and education.

Possible Careers

  • Professor at a university or divinity school
  • Medical ethics counselor at a human services organization
  • Advocate for public policy that affects religious freedom