Secondary Education (7–12)

Return to the classroom on the other side of the desk.

There was one subject in particular that invigorated you during your school years. You might have been captivated by thrilling stories from the Civil War, mesmerized by the poetry of Romeo and Juliet, or enchanted by the periodic table. As a major in secondary education, you’ll learn how to best convey your passion for a particular subject to students in the seventh through 12th grade. You’ll be responsible for helping them prepare for important tests that determine their educational future and will help usher them through their formative years. Not only will you take courses designed to familiarize you with the latest in pedagogy, you’ll also deepen your knowledge of your chosen specialty subject.

Our graduates will be able to infuse their love of history and the social studies into their day-to-day teaching in the schools, and that they, too, will inspire their students to love history, and perhaps even to become future social studies teachers.

Barbara Winslow
Associate Professor

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Quick Facts

  • Brooklyn College has a strong graduate program in secondary education, which means that some of the students in your classes have valuable life experience that will enhance your own education.
  • Earth science, English, physics and music are among the many subjects you can specialize in.
  • Our program leads to New York City licensing and New York State certification.

Possible Careers

  • Writer of educational materials
  • Ninth-grade foreign language teacher
  • Physics tutor for a college prep company