Learn what lies behind societal structures.

Your questioning spirit naturally draws you to sociology, a field in which your sensitivity to the dynamics behind power inequalities and your desire to find answers largely through scientific methods, such as gathering and interpreting data on various populations, will come to the fore. Our program will introduce you to the goals, research methods and theories of this illuminating social science. Complementing core classes on research methodology and social theory are classes on how sociology can be applied to aspects of society, such as gender, law and the environment.

This major is definitely for students who wish to deepen their understanding of how society influences people and vice versa.

Ember Skye W. Kane-Lee ’13

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Quick Facts

  • Much of the department's curriculum and research is rooted in the rich sociological context of Brooklyn, with a focus on urban issues and policy.
  • Our active student-led Sociology Club sponsors campus events, organizes career preparation and planning workshops, and facilitates student participation at professional conferences.
  • The first college sociology course was taught at Yale in 1875.

Possible Careers

  • Editor at a public policy think tank
  • Analyst at a nongovernmental organization
  • Market researcher for an international corporation with branches in highly diverse locations