Women's and Gender Studies

Discover the challenges and accomplishments of women in their ongoing struggle for equality.

Throughout history, women have played a vital role in society's development, yet they rarely received the recognition they deserved. Brooklyn College played its part in trying to rectify that more than 30 years ago, when we established the Women's Studies Program. Our expanded women's and gender studies curriculum will introduce you to the domestic, economic, political, social, reproductive and sexual lives of women, and their relationships to each other and to the cultures and societies in which they live. We provide a critical analysis of individuals, institutions and intellectual ideas approached from historical, cross-cultural and contemporary viewpoints. You'll have access to our Shirley Chisholm Center for Research on Women, named after the first African American woman to run for U.S. president — and an alumna of Brooklyn College. By the time you earn your bachelor's degree, you'll have a full understanding of half the world's population and of issues that, ultimately, concern all of us.

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Quick Facts

  • Women's studies was first conceived as an academic category apart from other departments during the late 1970s, as the second wave of feminism gained political strength.
  • Women's studies programs frequently are involved in social justice and design curriculums that are embedded with theory and activism outside of the classroom.
  • Simply studying or being a student of women's studies can be seen as activism in it of itself.

Possible Careers

  • Legislative aide assisting elected officials understand the needs of women in their districts
  • Director of a women’s rescue agency
  • Adviser to members of the LGBTQ community at a human rights help center