Entering Freshmen

The Pathways general education requirement consists of 42 credits of your 120-credit baccalaureate degree. Pathways requirements for entering first-time full-time students beginning in fall 2013 are listed below. For more information, visit the CUNY Pathways website, or the CUNY Pathways Student Rights and Responsibilities page.

Required Core

You must take the following four courses:

Flexible Core

You must choose six courses, including at least one from each area and no more than two from the same department or discipline:

  • World Cultures and Global Issues — CLAS 1110 or HIST 3005
  • U.S. Experience in Its Diversity — ANTH 3135 or HIST 3401 or PRLS 1001
  • Creative Expression — ARTD 1010 or MUSC 1300
  • Individual and Society — PHIL 2101
  • Scientific World — EESC 1010 or PHYS 1331 or an equivalent course from the list of approved alternatives
  • Your Choice — One additional course from the Flexible Core

College Option

You must choose four courses:

  • Two courses from two different areas: Arts and Literatures (CORC 3101–3199), Philosophical and Social Inquiry (CORC 3201–3299) or Scientific Inquiry (CORC 3301–3399)
  • Two language or literature courses bearing no more than three credits offered by the departments of Classics, Judaic Studies, or Modern Language and Literatures in a language other than English (all prerequisites apply) or two courses from the Required Core or Flexible Core that you have not already taken.