Admissions Information

If you are a high school senior, you are eligible to apply to the Macaulay Honors College, the Scholars Program, the Engineering Honors Program and the B.A.-M.D. Program. Please note that the Scholars Program is the only program that will accept applications from transfer students.

Applicants are required to submit official transcripts of all previously completed academic work. High school students are also required to submit SAT or ACT scores. Scores should be sent directly from the testing agency to CUNY. The CUNY SAT code is 2950; the ACT code is also 2950. Required letters of recommendation and personal essays are noted on each program’s application.

To simplify the application process, Macaulay Honors College and/or B.A.-M.D. Program applicants will automatically be considered for admission to the Scholars Program, Engineering Honors Program and the Brooklyn College Foundation Presidential Scholarship. If you do not intend to apply for Macaulay or B.A.-M.D., then you must apply directly to the Scholars, Engineering Honors or Presidential Scholarship programs.

If you are: CUNY Application Required? Supplemental Application required?
B.A.-M.D. Yes. Refer to link 1 or 2 below.  Yes. Refer to link 3 below.
Engineering Yes. Refer to link 1 or 2 below.  Yes. Refer to link 3 below.
Macaulay Yes. Refer to link 2 below. No.
Scholars Yes. Refer to link 1 or 2 below.  Yes. Refer to link 3 below.
  1. Visit the Brooklyn College website to access the CUNY application
  2. Visit the Macaulay Honors College to access the application.
  3. Visit the Brooklyn College Online Application for Scholarships and Special and Honors Programs to access the application.