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Scholars Program

Lisa Schwebel
2231 Boylan Hall
P: 718.951.4114

Coordinated B.A.-M.D. Program

Steven Silbering
2231 Boylan Hall
P: 718.951.4706

Coordinated Engineering Honors Program

Viraht Sahni
1407 Ingersoll Hall
P: 718.951.5000, ext. 2866

Macaulay Honors College

Tammy L. Lewis
2231 Boylan Hall
P: 718.951.3123

Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship

Margarite Fernandez-Olmos
4231 Boylan Hall
P: 718.951.5203

Maximizing Access to Research Careers (MARC)

Louise Hainline
4311 James Hall
P: 718.951.4825