Coordinated B.A.-M.D. Program

The B.A.-M.D. Program is one of the most prestigious programs in Brooklyn College. It is a part of the Honors Academy, which also includes the Macaulay Honors College, Scholars and Engineering Honors. The program is more than 40 years old. I am proud to be the director and to have the privilege of supervising the efforts of a very talented group of pre-med students who were chosen to be members of this program. These students were chosen because they were not only academically strong, but also because they exhibited interests in many areas, such as science, arts, sports, music, student government, student newspapers, research, community service, etc. Our program has the advantage of permitting its students to choose any major and actually encourages them to major in the humanities or social sciences. B.A.-M.D. students are not isolated as a group, but take classes with the general population at the college. They are also encouraged to participate in the activities available on-campus. The partnership with SUNY Downstate's College of Medicine is very strong, and we are proud to be able to offer our students a seat in the medical school once they successfully complete the undergraduate portion of the program at Brooklyn College.

I invite you to become familiar with the details of the B.A.-M.D. Program, the Honors Academy and Brooklyn College in general. If you have any questions, please e-mail me or call me at 718.951.4706.

Dr. Steven Silbering, Program Director
B.A.-M.D. Program
Brooklyn College
2231 Boylan Hall
2900 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11210
P: 718.951.4706