Coordinated B.A.-M.D. Program

The Coordinated B.A.-M.D. Program offers a special opportunity for entering freshmen committed to pursuing a medical career. It prescribes an integrated course of study that provides future physicians the necessary foundation in the sciences while also giving them a broad background in the humanities and social sciences. The program aims to train future physicians who are concerned not only with curing patients but also caring for them. The program is unusual in that it places no restrictions on the field of medicine that students may enter or on the location of their practice, because it regards these as life choices best made toward the end of medical school. 

Each student accepted to the B.A.-M.D. Program is awarded a Brooklyn College Foundation Presidential Scholarship that provides up to $4,000 annually for four years of undergraduate study. Following a rigorous selection process that includes a written application and interviews, 15 students are admitted to the freshmen cohort. Students who successfully complete an honors premedical curriculum enter Downstate College of Medicine of the State University of New York for their medical studies.

As members of the Honors Academy, B.A.-M.D. students take advantage of individual advising, faculty consultation and early registration. In the Commons they find study facilities, computer access, academic, scholarship, internship and career opportunities, and, above all, intellectual stimulation among other talented students like themselves. Students applying to the B.A.-M.D. Program will also be considered for the Scholars Program.

More Information

Dr. Steven Silbering, Program Director
B.A.-M.D. Program
Brooklyn College
2231 Boylan Hall
2900 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11210
P: 718.951.4706