In preparation for medical school, B.A.-M.D. undergraduates are required to take cell and molecular biology, physiology, botany, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and general physics. In their fourth year, students take a seminar on urban community health. B.A.-M.D. undergraduates are free to choose any major, and many major in the humanities or social sciences. Students who major in a science are required to minor in the humanities or social sciences.

B.A.-M.D. students must maintain at Brooklyn College an overall grade point average of 3.50 and a pre-med science grade point average of 3.50.*  In preparation for the Medical Licencing Exams that begin with the Step One exam at the end of the sixth year in the program, B.A.-M.D. students are required, during their Brooklyn College years, to take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) and must score a nine out of 15 on each of the three sections.

B.A.-M.D. students must engage in community service during their second, third and fourth years in the program. During one summer of their undergraduate studies, students are required to volunteer in a clinical setting where they are directly involved in patient care.

* At Brooklyn College:

  • A = 4.00
  • A- = 3.70
  • B+ = 3.30
  • B = 3.00
  • B- = 2.70
  • C+ = 2.30
  • C = 2.00, etc.