Maximizing Access to Research Careers (MARC) Program

The Maximizing Access Research Careers (MARC) Program offers mentoring, research experience and financial support for academically superior undergraduate students who meet program requirements and who are interested in entering graduate programs leading to research careers in the biomedical sciences. The goal of the MARC Program is to increase the number of minority professionals and others in biomedical research.

Upon entering the program, each MARC students chooses a mentor from the science faculty at Brooklyn College who is engaged in research in a field related to their interests. Students are expected to work a significant number of hours in their mentor's laboratory during the academic year and full time in the summer unless the student participates in an off-campus research placement.

Funded by the Minorities Opportunities in Research Division of the National Institute of General Medical Science of the National Institutes of Health, the program supports five juniors and five seniors annually. Typically, students are admitted to the MARC Program at the end of the sophomore year, allowing two full academic years for program activities before they graduate. There are sometimes openings for transfer students who enter at the beginning of the junior year.