Life at a Commuter School

Ireen Ahmed

B.A.-M.D. and Scholars

Anthropology and Religion
"A lot of people have the notion that because Brooklyn College is a commuter school, you take classes and then you leave. But there's actually a lot more happening on campus and a great sense of community. And if you feel that something is missing, you are encouraged to create new clubs or activities. For example, with the support of the Honors Academy director, I have started a new Honors Academy tradition, the semi-formal dance. It has become so popular that as soon as the semester begins, people start asking me for the event date!"

Matt Vann


Political Science and Broadcast Journalism
"I feed my interest in journalism and politics by working as the editorial opinion pages editor of the student newspaper, The Excelsior. As a lover of classical music, I love being a cellist in the orchestra here. My fellow musicians bring so much energy and life to the music that it really engages me and makes me passionate about what I'm playing."

Rosemary Taveras


"I have really been involved in peer mentoring. My goal is to bring as much information to new students as possible to make sure they get the most out of their time at Brooklyn College. Topics I have discussed with students include scholarships, the career center, the Health Center, and advisement, to name just a few. It's a great way to help my fellow students!"

Jasmine Patel

B.A.-M.D. and Macaulay

Biology and Economics
"My earliest memory of Brooklyn College is attending a club fair in my first year. I remember approaching the Brooklyn College speech and debate team president, and I joined on the spot! Since then, I've traveled all over the country and even internationally with the team. We have won awards and gone to national tournaments. Being on the team has been a great experience!

"I have an apartment about a block away from campus. It's worked out really great for me. Slowly, since my first-year, there have been more people who have moved into my building, so it's become more of a dorm. I can go down the hall and borrow a cup of sugar from another student. Also, it's a great resource having other people there to talk to about classes, to talk to as friends, and to just  hang out with. I feel like I am having a dorm living experience even though this is a commuter school."

Jade de la Paz


"Because this is more of a commuter campus, it has a different dynamic from what you see in the movies or from what I hear from other friends who go to colleges that have dorms. It's different but I like it because I feel that it makes the environment a little more mature and people are coming to school not to party but to actually study. I was pleasantly surprised to find students who take studying as seriously as I do. I was also expecting everybody to be really young but there is a mix of ages here. I started school late — I'm 24 now and a senior — so I expected to be the oldest person on campus, but I wasn't. I really liked that because I was able to blend in."

Sunny Liu

B.A.-M.D. and Macaulay

"For a long time, I anticipated going to a really large school with dorms. Coming to a commuter school was kind of a shock. At first, I thought students come here, go to class, and then go home. But then I learned that it doesn't have to be that way, that there is a student life here and you can get involved. And, of course, you can do anything you want off campus because you are in New York City. It's not like going to college in a small town where the moment you leave campus there is not much to do. I'm really glad I stayed in NYC."