For the Résumé



Ilya Ryvin

"I interned at the Department of Cultural Affairs. I gained really good insights into grant writing and how the department works. My supervisor was great, and all of the people working there were terrific."

Arvind Bahdey

B.A.-M.D. and Scholars
"I spent last summer as a clinical observer at New York Hospital Queens. The internship was basically shadowing residents and doctors. We saw everything that they did. It was a great experience because we got to rotate through the surgery and medical units as well as the pediatric ward. It was really exciting even though the hours were long."

Jasmine Patel

B.A.-M.D. and Macaulay
Biology and Economics
"I had an internship at the American Museum of Natural History. I was studying the effects of freezing on teeth of specimens that are in the museum. It was really cool because I got to use the scanning electron microscope and learn exactly how it's used. You learn about it in school — what it does, how it works — but you never actually get to use it. So using this high-tech piece of machinery was amazing!

"I have also had a clinical internship shadowing two neurosurgeons. I spent time in the OR watching surgery and also in the office observing the patient-physician relationship. By doing this internship, I was really able to put to rest any doubts that I still had about committing my life to medicine. After experiencing what physicians experience, I knew that I had made the right choice."

Rosemary Taveras

"As a Watson Fellow, I have to do a series of internships. My first internship was through the Studio Museum in Harlem. It was one that was really beneficial to me because I've always loved art and had taken art history classes but just never had the work experience of being in a museum. I got to work behind the scenes with the education department and learned how an exhibit is organized, how they teach about an exhibit, and how tour guides learn about the artwork.

"My latest internship was with the Martina Arroyo Foundation. I worked with the foundation through a program called Prelude to Performance. In this program, amateur opera singers train with leaders in the field, which culminates in the production of two shows. I worked with the administrative functions and also backstage making props. I even got to go on stage as a Russian waiter! It was a lot of fun."

Roy Ben Moshe

Judaic Studies and Religion
"I learned about the Lipper Internship Training Program at the Museum of Jewish Heritage through the Judaic Studies Department. After a rigorous application process, I was accepted into the program. My assignment was to give presentations to high school students about the Holocaust and then give tours to those same students of the museum. At the end, I would host a session to discuss everything they had seen and learned. As I am hoping to become a professor, this internship provided great training!"


Undergraduate students gain experience in scholarly writing and the publication process through their participation in the Brooklyn College Undergraduate Research Journal, an online publication that compiles outstanding research by undergraduates from all disciplines.

Arvind Bahdey

B.A.-M.D. and Scholars
"I do research on campus in the lab of biology professor Charlene Forest. Our team includes undergraduate, graduate and post-doc students, which allows for an interesting exchange of ideas. What we do is take single-celled organisms and mutate them so that they can't mate. Then we basically try to find the genes that cause the mating and try to map out what is actually causing the mating and what is not. Our long-term goal is to try to stop infertility or identify what causes it. It is very exciting research!"

Roy Ben Moshe

Judaic Studies and Religion
"For my Honors Academy thesis I wrote about attacks on Jewish communities in Western Europe during the bubonic plague. With the support of Macaulay funding, I went to a conference in Wisconsin and presented my research. My research adviser, Professor Lee Quinby, was instrumental in helping me prepare for the presentation. My comments focused on how in many ways the concepts that legitimized attacks on people in the 14th century are still present today. That sort of realization of the importance of history and the relevance of history is completely a concept that I got from Professor Quinby."

A sampling of recent internships include:

  • Office of Senator Hillary Clinton
  • Council of Foreign Relations
  • Scholars at Risk
  • PBS-TV
  • Various United Nations nongovernmental organizations
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Cornell-Weill Medical Center
  • Hospital for Special Surgery
  • Kings County Hospital
  • Maimonides Hospital
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers
  • New York Life
  • Jewish Press
  • Brooklyn Bar Association
  • Kings County District Attorney's Office
  • The Economist
  • Brennan Center
  • New York Quarterly magazine
  • Wiley Publishing
  • Boy Wonder Films LLC
  • Johns Hopkins Medical Center
  • Solidarity Economy Network
  • Redbook magazine
  • Harlem World magazine
  • Cross Cultural Solutions
  • A Is for AIDS International
  • Neurosurgery at New York University Medical Center
  • Methodist Hospital
  • New York Hospital Queens