Study Abroad Experiences

Jade de la Paz


"I did a combined study abroad/internship program in Ecuador. In the first part of the program, we were in the classroom learning theory about international development. I then put that theory into practice on my internship assignment in an Ecuadorian village. I worked with a small community bank because I was studying the micro-finance part of international development. I helped the villagers to use computers to organize their banking system. It was an amazing experience!"

Jessica Huang


“Last winter, Professor McNeely led a trip to Argentina and Uruguay. This past summer I studied abroad in China. So already I've been to three countries this year!"

Rosemary Taveras


"I did a study abroad program in Buenos Aires and in Montevideo, Uruguay. The first thing that attracted me to the program was the brochure that features these tango dancers, and it looks really exotic and fun. Then you go on to the website and they have a detailed syllabus and activities, and it sounded amazing. I went. The class was about the culture of the region. The people of the country are so warm. I think the culture in and of itself was really interesting and something that I have never experienced before. Oh, and by the way, I tried to tango and it was one of the hardest things I've ever done!"