Matt Vann


Political Science and Broadcast Journalism

Matt Vann has a long history with Brooklyn College. "I think my earliest memory of Brooklyn College was straggling along with my mother to some of her graduate school classes. I was really impressed with the lively and vibrant student body on campus even back then. From that young age, I knew that Brooklyn College is the sort of place where if you put your mind to anything and you're enterprising about what you want to achieve, the sky's the limit."

While he had admission offers from a number of schools, Matt figured that Brooklyn College would be the ideal choice. "I’m the sort of student who loves to engage himself in politics and in journalism. There are wonderful journalism programs in the English Department and the Television and Radio Department. I also met some professors before I decided to attend, and they were great. And since I live in the Marine Park section of Brooklyn, getting here is an easy commute, which means I have time to prepare for my classes every day."

The extracurricular opportunities and the curriculum at Brooklyn College has really helped Matt to formalize his thinking about his career. "When I first came here, I had absolutely no clue that I was going to be a member of The Excelsior student newspaper or that I was going to be a political science and broadcast journalism double major. But as time goes by and you start taking the Core curriculum classes, you really start to begin thinking critically. After all, you are here to find out what you do well and to begin to understand how your life experiences lead you down the path where you'd like to be."

As for the Honors Academy, Matt will tell you "it has done some extraordinary things in helping me figure out what the trajectory of my career as a journalist should be. With any luck, I will be a reporter or a correspondent for a large media organization in 10 years' time."