Pre-health Professions

The Pre-health Professions program is designed for students who wish to enter a professional school in the health sciences either upon graduation or once they complete the prerequisite requirements of the professional school. The pre-health professions adviser in 2231 Boylan Hall will be available to provide support and answer any questions that are not answered by the Pre-health Professions Handbook (pdf). This program does not take the place of a major; you must complete the major and other requirements in order to graduate. In addition, you must complete the prerequisite requirements listed in the handbook in order to apply to a professional school.

If you are considering a career in health care, please visit the Pre-health Professions Office, 2231 Boylan Hall. The office provides a wide range of services, including advisement; pre-health program information; professional school application information; volunteer, research and internship opportunities; and career resources. In addition, our office maintains a file of letters of recommendation and other materials necessary for professional school applications.

The pre-health professions advisement office seeks to produce the most qualified, confident and well-informed pre-health candidates for admission to professional schools by providing guidance with regard to career choices, undergraduate course requirements, course sequences, research and internship possibilities, personal statement feedback, standardized test information and professional school application procedures. The office seeks to maximize the success of each student in the pre-health programs by helping the students deal with academic challenges, by organizing review classes for standardized tests, and by fostering interactions between the students and successful health professionals.