What should I major in?

Students interested in pre-health professions programs may select any major, as long as they complete the prerequisite courses for their desired pre-health professions program.

What other activities should I be involved in?

Contact hospitals, rehabilitation centers and health organizations in your area to learn more about the volunteer services, research opportunities and internship opportunities offered to students. Contact professors or other faculty members to get involved with research on campus. Get involved with student organizations on campus, such as health-related student groups and other student groups that meet your interests.

How many medical schools should I apply to?

Due to the competitiveness, pre-medical students typically apply to about 30 medical schools in order to increase their chances for admission.

How many letters of recommendation should I get? Who should I ask to get letters of recommendation?

Typically, schools/programs require three letters of recommendation — two from science professors, and one from someone who can comment on your volunteer/internship/work experience.

What are competitive grades/scores to gain admission into medical school?

It is important for the pre-med student to recognize that admission to a U.S. medical school is extremely competitive. Therefore, it is essential that the student strive to obtain the highest grades possible in all courses, but especially in the courses that are pre-med requirements. For admission to an allopathic school, a GPA of at least 3.60 is usually required as well as a score of at least 30 on the MCAT examination. For admission to an osteopathic school, a GPA of at least 3.40 and an MCAT score of at least 25 is usually required.

Should I take courses over the summer?

Pre-med students should try to avoid taking any science classes during the summer or at another school.