Pre-law Professions

The Pre-law Program helps achievement-oriented students make informed decisions about pursuing a career in legal professions; assists them in assessing the academic, personal and professional competencies and credentials they need to become successful applicants and students of the law schools they aspire to attend; and provides access to the academic and career advisement, resources, opportunities and professional networks that will support them in clarifying and achieving their goals.

The Brooklyn College Pre-law Handbook (pdf) will answer most questions about preparing for law school and legal careers.

Students interested in legal careers should contact Jhonny Trezil, Magner Career Center, 718.951.5696, to have their name added to the list of pre-law students and to receive information about workshops and panels, LSAT preparation and internships. Please visit the Magner Career Center Pre-law Resources Web page for more information.


Assistant Professor Anna Gotlib
Pre-law Academic Adviser
Tuesday, 11 a.m.–1 p.m., or by appointment
Philosophy Department
3307 Boylan Hall
P: 718.951.5324

Pamela Brown
Pre-law Early Career Counselor
Monday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. by appointment
Magner Career Center
1303 James Hall
P: 718.951.5696