China: Brooklyn College Study Abroad in China

Summer Session I - 2013

Experience five cities in four weeks! Brooklyn College in China combines course work in speech, history, business and/or Chinese language with an extensive cultural and historical exploration of China, allowing students an opportunity to experience this unique country and culture through observation and interaction with local people and places. Participants will travel to five of the most famous and beautiful Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Xi'an. Side trips include exploring the Forbidden City, climbing the Great Wall, and visiting Tiananmen Square, the Terracotta Warriors and various Buddhist temples, Islamic mosques and other historical and cultural sites of interest. Course selection is from among Chinese culture, history, language and intercultural perspectives (please refer to the program website for details).

All courses will be taught by Brooklyn College faculty, under the direction of Professor Shuming Lu of the Department of Speech and Communication Arts and Sciences. This program is open to undergraduate and graduate students, all majors.

Program Dates

May 28, 2013 - June 24, 2013

Program Fee

$3,250 (includes international airfare, health insurance, program-related transportation in China, excursions, housing, and some meals)

Additional Costs

$350, plus Brooklyn College tuition. Non-tuition out-of-pocket costs include estimated costs for personal expenses, visa, tips ($70), and out-of-pocket meals ($150).

Courses and Credits

Three to six credits may be taken in the area of Asian business, Chinese language, intercultural communications, and History. Upper and lower core curriculum courses are offered. Final course offerings depend on enrollment. For a complete list see the program website. Commonly offered courses are:

  • BUSN 3175: Asian Business
  • CHIN 1010: Intensive Elementary Chinese
  • CHIN 1020: Intermediate Chinese
  • CORC 1110: Classical Cultures (China)
  • CORC 3206: Development of the Silk Road
  • HIST 3534: Revolutionary China
  • SPEC 1619: Intercultural Communication

Financial Aid / Scholarships

Financial aid does apply, and alternative loans are available. Scholarships that apply to this program are: SASA, Gilman, Furman, STOCS, among others. (See the Scholarship listing on the IEGE website).

How to Apply

Application Deadline

March 19, 2013 Deadline extended to April 5, 2013

More Information

Professor Shuming Lu (Program Director)
Speech and Communication Arts & Sciences
718.951.5225 (ask for Sonia Garrick)
Program website

International Education and Global Engagement
1108 Boylan Hall