Narratives of Turkey: Making Histories and Memories

Summer Session — 2012

In this engaging three-week study abroad course in Istanbul — the bridge between the East and West — students will explore the ways nation-states construct their pasts and delve into the creation of historical narratives. Along these lines, students will need to challenge their own preconceptions about modernity, religion and what we mean by such terms as "Eastern" and "Western." The class will be divided into two components. The first part will focus on Turkey's Ottoman past and will rethink issues related to Ottoman history, politics and society, and other aspects such as art and architecture. In addition to the classroom setting, lectures will be held at different Ottoman palaces and mosques, churches and synagogues. The second part will be dedicated to meeting with journalists, political activists and other social groups to learn about issues relevant to modern Turkey, many of which offer competing historical narratives. The class will be held on site in the heart of Istanbul, a city that served as the European Cultural Capital in 2010, in which the students will explore different neighborhoods on a daily basis. Program participants will stay in a hotel (with breakfast) located near the main center of the European side. While activities will be planned throughout the daytime and evenings, students will have free time to eat their lunches and dinners at numerous cafés and restaurants near the hotel. Class meetings will take place at a conference room, which is located at a café near the hotel. While we will primarily be located on the European part of the city, we will also explore the Asian side as part of our class and will take a boat trip up the Bosphorus to visit a Genovese fortress, located at the entrance of the Black Sea. The trip will also include an overnight excursion to the Aegean coast to see how history is portrayed through war monuments at Gallipoli.


  • Sophomore status, and
  • Either CORE 12.20 — Shaping of the Modern World or permission of the program leader.

Program Dates

June 3–23

Program Fee

$1,436 (includes hotel and breakfast, tours and museum entrance fees, two dinners, and local and excursion travel costs)

Additional Costs

Tuition, airfare, travel insurance, visa, additional meals, personal expenses

Courses and Credits

HIST 3557 — Narratives of Turkey: Making Histories and Memories (four credits)

Financial Aid / Scholarships

SASA (contact the Student Activities Center, 718.951.5712), STOCS and student financial aid package (visit the Financial Aid Office, 308 West Quad Center)

How to Apply

Complete and submit the Notification of Study Abroad /Brooklyn College Study Abroad application (pdf) and submit it via e-mail to the International Education and Global Engagement program or in person at the IEGE office, 1108 Boylan Hall. IEGE will follow up with additional information. Prospective participants should arrange to meet with the program leader (see below).

Application Deadline

March 23

More Information

Assistant Professor Louis Fishman, Program Director
P: 718.951.5000, ext. 1165

International Education and Global Engagement
P: 718.951.5189