Steps to Studying Abroad

The following steps will make the process of obtaining an international education as simple as possible.

1) Attend "Study Abroad 1.0"

Study abroad general information sessions are held at every Tuesday at 1 p.m. in 1108 Boylan Hall. Find out about opportunities to study abroad, costs of study abroad, academic considerations, financial aid and scholarships, and how to choose a program that is best for you. This is the perfect opportunity to have all of your questions answered.

2) Think About the Experience You Want to Have

Create the experience you wish by considering the following: What countries appeal to you? Would you like to learn or practice a foreign language, or study in English? What would you like to study? Do you want to go abroad for a few weeks, a semester, or an academic year? Would you like to interact more with local people or with other American students? Are you interested in a program that offers a lot of support or would you like to be independent while abroad?

3) Research Program Options

Talk with your friends and professors who have study abroad knowledge. Also, browse the Internet by searching for "study abroad" and the topic and/or region you're interested in exploring. If you're interested in directly enrolling in a foreign institution, visit the institution's website and look information for "visiting students." Some excellent websites include the following:

4) Discuss Your Plan With an Academic Advisor

Once you have narrowed down your choices to two or three programs, plan to meet with your academic advisor and your major advisor to identify the courses offered by the programs that will fit with your personal and academic goals. Along with your advisor, map out your course work to stay on track to graduate.

5) Choose a Program and Apply

Once you find a program that is a good fit for your interests, you will need to complete two applications: (1) the IEGE Study Abroad Application, which allows IEGE to help you manage your abroad experience and ensures that you will remain in good standing at Brooklyn College while you are away; and (2) the application for the study abroad program in which you have chosen to participate. Remember, popular programs fill up quickly, so make sure to apply early!

6) Complete the IEGE Post-Acceptance Program Packet

As soon as you have been accepted by your study abroad program, notify IEGE. Promptly complete the post-acceptance study abroad packet, and the course equivalency form (if applicable), available on the IEGE website. This paperwork is required in order to transfer credits, release financial aid and scholarship funds, and ensure you are registered correctly before you leave for your program.

If you are a Brooklyn College student participating in a study abroad program offered by a CUNY college other than Brooklyn College, you will need to file an e-permit. Upon acceptance to your CUNY study abroad program, you will be given clear instructions on how and when to file your e-permit. Brooklyn College students attending a Brooklyn College study abroad program or a non-CUNY program do not need to file an e-permit.

7) Confirm Your Financial Aid

Most financial aid and scholarships can be applied to study abroad. Check with the Office of Financial Aid to confirm what aid is available to you based on your individual package. Make sure to complete your FAFSA by the April deadline to qualify for assistance.

8) Pay Program Fees and Tuition

If you are participating in a CUNY study abroad program at your home college or any other CUNY institution, you will pay tuition through your home college bursar. You will pay your program fees to your study abroad host college as directed by your specific program. For non-CUNY study abroad, make sure you follow the payment instructions and deadlines for your specific program.

9) Pack, Prepare and Enjoy!

Your time abroad will be the experience of a lifetime. Your program will provide you with a packing list and checklist to help you prepare for your trip. Remember to take a lot of photos to share with family, friends and classmates.

Countdown to Studying Abroad

  • 6 months: Attend a study abroad information session.
  • 5 months: Research program options and talk with an academic advisor.
  • 4 months: Choose and apply to a program.
  • 3 months: Complete and submit the post-acceptance packet.
  • 2 months: Check in with the Office of Financial Aid and pay program tuition and fees.
  • 1 month: Pack, prepare and enjoy!