Post-Acceptance Program Packet Instructions

The Office of International Education & Global Engagement uses the post-acceptance program packet to confirm that all Brooklyn College students, and any students participating on Brooklyn College programs, are properly registered to study abroad. This packet must be completed and returned to the IEGE office, 1108 Boylan Hall. The instructions below will assist you in completing the forms in the packet. You may also contact IEGE for assistance.

Course Equivalency Form

The Course Equivalency Form is used to ensure that you receive credit from Brooklyn College for the course work you take while abroad. Completing this form allows you to know in advance the credit you will receive and to make sure it fits into your degree progress. Departmental approval for each course you plan to take abroad should be obtained before you leave for your program. If you are a senior with 18 or fewer credits to complete before you graduate, you must request permission to study abroad from the Office of Academic Standing, 3215 Boylan Hall.

Under the "Program Information" section of the form, be sure to include both the host college you are participating through and the foreign institution where you will complete your course work. In the case of a faculty-led program or other instance where you will not earn credit abroad through a specific foreign institution, you may fill in "n/a" for the foreign institution.

Be descriptive! Write the name, department, and course number of each course you are taking while abroad under the "Foreign Course Work" section, along with the number of credits each course is worth. Take this form, along with a copy of your abroad course descriptions, to the appropriate chairperson of the corresponding academic department at Brooklyn College who will sign by and fill in the "Brooklyn College Equivalent" course, along with the course title, number, department and number of credits. Students participating in non-BC programs should plan to provide course descriptions and a syllabus to the appropriate chairpersons when completing this form.

Liability Waiver, Emergency Contact Form, and Release Agreement

The Standard Waiver is for all students attending Brooklyn College study and exchange abroad programs. The Independent Waiver is for Brooklyn College students attending Non-CUNY study abroad programs and independent research abroad. Carefully read through the form before you sign, date, and have it notarized. Most banks provide free notary service for their account holders. Also, there are notaries located on the Brooklyn College campus. Try and list two different individuals who will serve as emergency contacts while you are overseas. In the case of an emergency, if the first listed contact cannot be reached, the second will be contacted as an alternate.

Health Information Questionnaire

The Health Information Questionnaire keeps IEGE and your program director aware of any health-related issues that could arise while you are abroad. It is important to complete this form thoroughly, and recommended to attach copies of your current health insurance card (front and back).

Cancellation and Refund Policies for Brooklyn College-Administered Programs

Please read and understand the IEGE Cancellation and Refund Policies Information and note that a participant wishing to cancel their program participation must send written notification to IEGE to officially withdraw. Program withdrawal will be official from the time and date that the written communication was received by IEGE. A student confirms their program participation through the return of the signed Letter of Confirmation of Participation to IEGE within seven days of the date of the letter. By signing the Confirmation of Participation letter, the student authorizes IEGE and the program leader to expend funds on their behalf related to program participation (travel, lodgings, insurance, etc.) and acknowledges the student’s responsibility to pay for those expenditures whether or not the student actually went on the program. Any refunds requested after confirming participation are made based only on recoupable payments.