Reassigned Time Information

Sponsored research funded reassigned time is processed through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP). In an effort to ensure that chairs/deans are aware of faculty requesting and using sponsored reassigned time, as well as the actual amount to be allocated for adjunct replacement costs, ORSP has the following procedures in place.

The process is initiated by the faculty member who is the principal investigator (PI) on the grant. At the time of proposal preparation, a faculty member determines whether reassigned time is needed for themselves and/or other faculty on the grant proposal. The college requires that prior to submission the PI obtain the chair's and dean's signature to endorse the proposal and certify that the proposal is consistent with department and college goals.

When awarded, the PI must inform their chair as well as the ORSP of their intent to use the awarded reassigned time. Faculty must complete the Brooklyn College ORSP Reassigned Time Approval Form and CUNY Staff Effort Notice to notify us of their intention to either take the reassigned time in the upcoming semester. These forms capture the relevant information, including grant sponsor, title and number of hours of reassigned time. Chair and dean signatures are required on the BC-ORSP RF Staff Effort Cover Sheet. Copies of all forms should be retained for your records. ORSP shares a copy with the Finance Office to keep them informed of the actual adjunct replacement cost available for the hiring of adjuncts for the relevant semester. ORSP enters the release time activity into the Workload system.

If the PI chooses to use time available in the bank, he or she must complete the Intent Use Banked Reassigned Time no later than a month before the semester he or she wishes to use the banked time. The form is completed by the PI, signed by the chair, and submitted to ORSP to be processed.