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B.S. degree program in public accounting and business, management and finance
HEGIS code 0502
NYS SED program code 35423

Program/Department Advisers

Please contact the department for information on academic advisers and office hours.


New York State CPA candidates are now eligible to take the Uniform CPA Examination prior to completing their degree but after having completed certain courses and at least 120 credits. Students may seek advisement from an Accounting Program advisor regarding these changes or by contacting the New York State Board of Public Accountancy.
Generally, to become licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in New York State a candidate must have (a) earned a bachelor's degree, (b) completed 150 credit hours of study that includes a particular accounting curriculum, (c) passed the Uniform CPA examination and (d) completed one year of work experience under a licensed CPA. Students who expect to become CPA candidates in other jurisdictions are advised to consult the Board of Accountancy in that jurisdiction.
The program outlined below draws upon and combines required courses in the existing Business, Management, and Finance major (HEGIS code 0506; SED program code 85067) and the Public Accounting major (HEGIS code 0502; SED program code 01990). Thus, students successfully completing this program will graduate with a single B.S. degree tantamount to a double major, as indicated in the title of the program, and totaling 150 credits including the College's general education requirements. The two existing programs are not being discontinued. They will serve students not interested in pursuing the 150 credit five-year program.
Program requirements (85-86 credits)

All of the following: Accounting 2001; 3001; 3011; 3021; 3041; 3051; 3101; 3201; 4001; 4011; 4101; 4201; 4501W; Business 3100; 3200; 3240 or Psychology 3172; Business 3310; Business 3400 or Economics 3400 or Mathematics 2501 or 3501; Business 3430 or Computer and Information Science 2531; Business 4200W or 4300W; Business 2100 or Economics 2100; Business 2200 or Economics 2200; Business 3410 or Economics 3410 or Mathematics 1201; Computer and Information Science 1050.

Two of the following:
Business 2300;
Business 3320 or Economics 3320;
Business 3330.

One of the following: Philosophy 3314 or Speech 2623.

You must take additional courses to complete the 150-credit requirement.

Highly recommended elective: Accounting 3360 or Business 3360.

Students must achieve a grade of C or better in each of the required Accounting courses. No Accounting course may be taken more than three times by a student in this major. Students taking a specific Accounting course three times without achieving a grade of C or better (this includes INC, W, WN, WU, WF, and ABS grades), may not take that course again and will not be permitted to complete this major or any other Accounting major at Brooklyn College.

Writing-Intensive Requirement
Students are required to take at least one writing-intensive (W) course.

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